What is White Coffee?

What is White Coffee?

Many people may be surprised to learn that there is something called white Coffee. If you’re one of them, who have never heard it before and are looking for the answer, what is white coffee? Then you’re in the right place. Although white Coffee is quite similar to other coffee beans, still taking anything unknown to you is not a good idea so far. 

In this guide, we’ll cover all the facts, including white Coffee, its origins, the difference between white and regular black Coffee, its tastes, and so on. Whether you’re going to try it after reading this review is completely up to you. 

What is White Coffee Exactly?

For over 100 years, people are trying to find a way to improve the harsh taste of low-grade coffee beans. In the 19th century, they discovered that the odd taste of coffee beans could be enhanced by partial roasting. This partial or light roasting provides white-colored Coffee that contains a succulent nutty flavor.

From the name, it is easy to guess what is white Coffee actually is. White Coffee is much lighter than traditional coffees. This is the result of partial rost. The lower amount of heat generated in the roasting process leads to the brighter color of the coffee bean. 

The roasting process of white coffee beans is not an easy task. This is a kind of craft that requires specialized knowledge and skills to get everything alright. Any interruption of malfunctioning in the roasting process can lead to different flavors and ruin the original taste and flavor. 

Roasting Process of White Coffee Beans

The roasting process of white coffee beans is the fact where coffee beans get unique colors and all the differences in look and taste. Unlike the traditional roasting methods followed by the temperature at 450-480 degrees Fahrenheit, white coffee beans are pulled back before the first crack, and the roasting process is maintained at 325 degrees temperature. 

The roasting process of white coffee beans has not some of the characteristics that traditional roastings have. The unique process of roasting white beans provides a distinct coffee vibe and makes white coffee special.

Obviously, the contrast in color is the most identifying and unique feature that its name suggests. However, you should not view white Coffee as an additional type of Coffee. Think of it as just a light roast of coffee beans.

What is White Coffee Origin?

While white Coffee is a quite new phenomenon in Western countries, a similar blend has existed in Yemen for centuries. The roasting process is named Hawaij, where the beans are roasted at a lower temperature, brewed, ground, and mixed with a spice blend. A version of that Yemeni drink has been found in Lebanon. 

Like other regular green coffee beans, white coffee beans have the same origin. The unique blend of coffee beans makes the difference, no matter if it’s Arabia or Robusta. It has gained popularity in the United States not long ago. 

How Does White Coffee Taste?

While many people wonder what is white Coffee, the taste of white Coffee is one of the most important facts. There is no exact margin for determining a coffee’s taste because every country has its own blending process to make white Coffee. So, it is a good idea to relate the taste to its country where it is manufactured. For example, Indonesian and Sumatran beans are popular for their aroma, while Brazilian and Colombian boast of a very mild and nutty taste. 

People who have tried white Coffee reported that it tastes a bit bolder and stronger than any other brew they normally take. This is partly the result of the reaction during the roasting process. 

Types of White Coffee

You might have already known about white Coffeecoffee; now you must think about its types. This will help you to learn about white Coffee deeply and select the white you may like most. 

There are four types of popular white coffees. These are

Malaysian or Ipoh White Coffee

This white Coffee is made up of palm oil, margarine, and condensed milk.

Indonesian Kopi Putih White Coffee

Indonesian white Coffee mostly comes across from the popular brand of Luwak. This is made from lightly roasted coffee beans. However, the brand produces white Coffee called Luwak White Koffie. It is claimed that this Coffee contains a non-dietary creamer. 

Flat White Coffee

This variation of white Coffee is made with smooth and microfoam-frothed milk and espresso.

White Coffee

This variation is made from the light roasting of regular coffee beans at a mild temperature. White Coffee’s popularity is increasing day by day in North America. 

Differences Between White and Black Coffee?

The key difference in roasting and temperature brings many other white Coffeecoffee changes that result in significant differences. These are

Caffeine Content

Coffee’s caffeine content lowers down by the time it’s being roasted. So, as much the coffee beans will be roasted, the amount of caffeine will be decreased. In contrast, white Coffee is manufactured at low temperatures and shorter roasting times. That results in much more caffeine in white Coffee. 

This is why most people prefer white Coffee in the morning and black Coffee in the evening. In the morning, people need more energy and stimulation that can be gained from a cup of darling white Coffee. 

Roasting Temperature

Compared to other traditional roasting methods, the roasting method of white Coffee has a lower temperature. This is why some people even call it “half-baked” Coffee. The usual roasting temperature of white coffee beans is 325 degrees. 


If you have sipped a cup of black Coffee, you might have noticed that it is highly acidic. Can you guess why?

Well, you might be surprised to learn that roasting is the factor that determines the acidity of Coffee. The longer roasting time of coffee beans leads to a more acidic taste. 

Moreover, higher temperatures and longer times break down Coffee’s oil content also. This oil content is the reason for acidity in Coffee. This is why white Coffee is less acidic compared to black Coffee.


Being overweight is a matter of headache for many people. Monitoring your daily calorie consumption can help you to remain healthy and fit. Many people get themselves hesitant about whether Coffee contains higher calories. 

However, if you want to lose weight, black Coffee can be the best friend. White Coffee contains a significant amount of sugar and milk. Although it tastes amazing, a cup of white Coffee can add some extra calories to your body. 


Generally, black Coffee contains a bitter flavor. Many people have reported that it tastes sour or a bit similar to charcoal. On the other hand, white Coffee contains an attractive nutty flavor with less acidity. 

The roasting process of white Coffee uses no additives. This results in the preservation of natural sugar contained in the coffee bean. Shortest roasting time, lower temperature, and no use of additives ensure that you’re dealing with the real coffee bean that contains low acidity. 

However, there are some exceptional cases where people like the unique flavor of highly roasted black Coffee. 


Nothing is more refreshing than having a cup of freshly brewed Coffee in the morning. The aroma of anything we consume can affect us a lot. This is the fact that it produces an energizing effect on our bodies. Are you wondering? You shouldn’t, though. 

However, the aroma in Coffee comes from different compounds a coffee bean has, such as oils. White Coffee has a mind-blowing aroma that is smoother and natural and makes you want more. This is why people are eager to know what is white Coffee. 

On the other hand, black Coffee’s aroma is not as strong as White Coffee, which is quite different. Even the bitter flavor can produce a smell sometimes. As usual, many people still love black Coffee, and it’s unique to them. 

Benefits of Drinking White Coffee

While we’re discussing what is white Coffee, it is quite essential to learn about the benefits of drinking white Coffee. Guess what? There are a lot of benefits of drinking white Coffee. So, let’s have a look 

  • Compared to other fully roasted coffees, white Coffee contains more than 50% caffeine. Drinking a cup of white Coffee in the morning will keep you energized and stimulated all day long.
  • White Coffee is tastier compared to black Coffee. It has a nutty flavor, while black Coffee is bitter to taste. However, still many people love black Coffee’s flavor. 
  • White Coffee is less acidic. This is why you won’t feel any disturbance in your stomach. 
  • Many nutritionists claim that white Coffee boasts many antioxidant properties. It contains one of the most important antioxidants, chlorogenic acid. This is very much effective in purifying our blood and maintain blood pressure. 
  • As white Coffee is smooth and less acidic, it helps to maintain healthy digestion.
  • The antioxidant property of white Coffee also helps in losing weight and lessens the risk of diabetes. 
  • The purification of blood helps to glow skin and keep it smooth. 

Side Effects of Drinking White Coffee

Although there are several benefits of drinking white Coffee, excessive white Coffeecoffee consumption can lead to many problems. These problems are listed below

  • Taking more quantities of white Coffee than normal can increase the blood pressure level.
  • The optimum amount of consuming white is 400mg. If an individual consumes more than it, he might suffer from a headache or many other complications.
  • Patients with acid reflux may face serious complication by taking more amount of white Coffee
  • The alteration in the composition of blood and metabolism rate can result in palpitations. 
  • Pregnant women should avoid white Coffee because it reduces the growth of the fetus. This can often lead to miscarriage. 

How to Make white Coffee at Home

So, you already know what white Coffee, its benefits, the taste is. Now it’s time to make white Coffee at your home. Here we’ll learn how to make a tasty cup of white Coffee at home. Let’s start 

If you like making instant Coffee at your home, it’s better to follow your current method of making instant Coffee in your habitat. 

However, if you have your espresso machine at home, you’re all set to make a cup of refreshing white Coffee at your home. Alongside it, the French press, Aeropress, and Moka pot are also good facilities to make white Coffee at home. 

Sourcing the right white coffee beans is one of the biggest challenges. Finding them in grocery stores is quite difficult. Nevertheless, they’re still available in several places, especially online. 

However, while you’re going to make your white Coffee manually, it is best to drink white coffee whole. That means you don’t need to add any cream or milk additionally. White Coffee provides a natural nutty flavor. 

If you still want to add any extra cream, you can choose almond milk. Almond milk provides the same color when it is mixed with white Coffee. Besides, white Coffee is not as bitter as regular black Coffee. This is why you don’t need to add too much sugar. 

However, if you like sweet Coffee, you can use a little amount of sugar or any substitute like Splenda or honey. 

Tips for Brewing White Coffee

When you know what is white Coffee you might be eager to take a sip of that refreshing Coffee. Here are four tips to make tasty and effective white Coffee.

  • If you use an espresso machine to make white Coffee at your home, don’t tamp it anyhow. Because tamping expands the brewing.
  • It is better to brew your Coffee a bit slowly. This will help to bring out more flavors. This is why you can choose Chemex or Hario V60 for your brewing process. These are more effective in bringing out more flavors than any other drip machines.
  • You can also go for a french press. This is a good option because it will let you experiment with steeping time and select the perfect composition to bring out more flavor. 
  • You can choose Moka Pot also. However, it is not as strong as other machines like espresso, but it can make a strong white coffee. 

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