Nowadays, most modern homeowners try to trick out their bathrooms by incorporating luxury facilities such as heated flooring, steam and rainfall showers, saunas, garden tub, and many more. However, many people are still confused about a garden tub, and they have a different idea about a garden tub. 

No matter how many trends come and go, the garden tub has always been a constant element of bathroom interior design. A gorgeous garden tub can transform any ordinary room into a relaxing environment. Here we’re going to present all things about a garden tub you should know. 

What is a garden tub exactly?

A garden tub is an oval-shaped soaking bathtub that’s larger, deeper, and more comfortable than the normal model. This is one of the luxurious amenities that’s able to gain quick steam. 

Generally, people consider standard-sized tubs while it’s about bathroom amenities. These types of tubs have a showerhead attached to them. Although these tubs are great for kids taking baths, they are not preferable for older people as there is not enough space. 

However, garden tubs have deeper space that helps adults to enjoy their baths. Garden tubs are great for relieving muscle tension and stress and help to have a lengthier soaking time. 

Why is it named a garden tub? 

Garden tubs first gained popularity in Europe in the 18th century. The name of this deeper tub comes from French elites at that time, which were used to install these tubs outside or within their well-decorated gardens. The main reason behind installing these tubs was admiring the nearby scenery while they’re taking baths.

Generally, these tubs were placed near windows overlooking their garden or property and providing a luxurious feel while they soaked near beautiful scenery. 

Differences between the garden and regular tubs

The unique appearance and shower functionality of garden tubs keep them apart from regular tubs. These are the main differences between garden tubs and regular tubs. While mainstream bathtubs come with a box-like shape with a bland look just for catching water, garden tubs have a rounded shape along with deeper construction to soak with more water. Although garden tubs come in various shapes, the oval is the most common shape that ensures larger water depth. 

Typically, traditional tubs have a 50 to 60 inches long dimension, 19 inches depth, and 30 inches width. That’s why they can’t hold enough water while it’s about truly soaking. At the same time, the standard size for a garden tub is 60 inches long, 42 inches wide, and 24 inches deep. The bigger garden tubs allow having a bath fully immersed in water that ensures a true soaking. However, many garden tubs are even larger than standard garden tubs. Therefore, installing a garden tub in your bathroom will need more space. 

The main purpose of a garden tub’s unique design is to ensure more enjoyable soaking. This is why garden tubs are often equipped with spa jets. However, all other features are similar to ordinary tubs. Unlike traditional bathtubs, garden tubs are freestanding. Therefore, you don’t need to attach your garden tub to a wall. Alongside it, there is no shower head attached to a garden tub. 

A garden tub is more useful for therapeutic relaxation or medicinal soaks because it provides a good relaxing environment throughout the bath compared to an ordinary bathtub.

Pros and cons of a garden tub

Although having a garden tub has a lot of advantages, it still has some drawbacks as well. Here we’ll discuss both pros and cons of having a garden tub in your space. Let’s start


  • Garden tubs have deeper space that can easily accommodate people of various sizes.
  • They come up with a customizable nature along with a larger size and perfect shape.
  • Provides a beautiful appearance after installation. 
  • Garden tubs are always freestanding, which saves installation charges.
  • Generally, garden tubs have a separate shower 
  • Works as a perfect stress antidote with a more relaxing bath.


  • There are no jacuzzi jets available in a garden tub
  • Filling deeper space with more water can increase the electricity bill
  • Due to the height of garden tubs, they could become a tripping hazard.
  • It is not practical for people who are tight on budgets. 

What garden tubs are made of

Although you may find various materials to make garden tubs, enameled cast iron is the most common material among them. The main purpose of using enameled cast iron for making garden tubs is to ensure more heat retention and cleanability. 

Nowadays, acrylic garden tubs also have a growing popularity. Acrylic material has more flexibility and is easier to create unique shapes, while that’s almost impossible with cast iron. However, acrylic is not perfect for heat retention and will show over time. 

Composite stone is also becoming popular day by day, as it tends to offer the best of both worlds to tub makers. It blends the flexible forms of acrylic while having the heat retention as cast iron. 

How much does it cost to fix a garden tub?

The building materials of your garden tub can affect how much you will spend on your new bathroom fixture. Besides, the cost of installing a garden tub can also vary depending on the size, design, and the one whom you have selected to install it. 

Typically, acrylic-made garden tubs have a price of $1,000. This price can even be doubled when you’re going to purchase a traditional cast iron-made garden tub. For composite stone garden tubs, you have to spend $5,000 so far.

There are some plastic garden tubs also available in the market. The price of this type of garden tub can be around $500-$1000. However, it would be best if you remembered that plastic-made garden tubs can’t retain heat very well and are less durable. As a landlord, you have to choose the perfect one that fits your budget and ensures durability and comfort. 

Is a garden tub right for your bathroom?

If you find the concept of garden tubs appealing but still wondering is it right for you, then have a look at this. 

While you’re thinking about installing a garden tub in your bathroom, the size of your bathroom is the main thing you should consider first. This is because garden tubs will need a lot of space. If you don’t have an extra-large bathroom in your space, you may need to discard the idea of a garden tub. Without larger space, installing a garden tub just won’t be practical. 

Moreover, this freestanding tub will dominate your bathroom. This is why technically fitting it in a smaller dimension won’t be enough, and if the bathtub is too large for your space, you’ll feel obstructed by any other activities in your bathroom. In the end, the result won’t match your expectations at all. 

One of the most important things you have to consider is the cost. You can simply buy a bathtub and set it back by spending several thousand dollars. However, just buying and installing a garden tub won’t be as much appealing as you desire. You have to think about creating a proper environment in your bathroom, and you shouldn’t be frustrated to learn that it can be even more expensive. 

While you’re thinking about the cost, there is a simple fact you need to consider as well. As we mentioned before, garden tubs have a larger volume, which means having a garden bathtub will increase your water bill automatically. This is why garden tubs are not a budget option so far. 

 Garden bathtubs are ideal for enjoying baths by spending long hours with peaceful surroundings in a large tub, and who doesn’t care how much money they’re spending on it and have enough space to install a garden tub. If you have a limited budget and that luxurious soaking doesn’t suit you, you should consider anything else. 

What about the Garden elements?

As we mentioned before, garden tubs are generally placed outside or near the window that incorporates the fascinating scenery of the garden and nature. However, there is no hard and fast rule to install a garden tub as it defines. However, most people try to enjoy the soothing effect by staying close to nature and make it ideal as much as possible. 

Yeah, some people place garden tubs outside, while many of them find it difficult or impractical. Therefore, placing some exotic plants in the bathroom can be a great alternative to recreate the same effect of placing it outside with natural scenarios. 

However, by surrounding yourself with palms, ferns, and other similar vegetation, you can still feel the sensation of staying far away from home. A garden tub is not just for serving as a tub only, and it’s a great element to create the perfect setting of relaxation. 

Final Words

Although it’s a bit hard to define a garden tub specifically, we have tried to explain everything to make it easy to know what a garden tub is. Hope our explanation will make you stable to decide whether having a garden tub will be perfect for you.