When you are thinking about renting an apartment for yourself, you may find many options to choose from. Nowadays, a broad range of apartment types is available depending on budget and requirements. Among all of them, garden-style apartments have growing popularity sometimes that’s called a garden apartment. However, still many people are hesitant about what is a garden-style apartment.

If you’re one of them or even have a little knowledge about garden-style apartments, you should learn more about this type of apartment. Who guess, this could be the next apartment you’re looking for. So, read our article and learn all the things you should know about a garden-style apartment to make a wise decision. 

What is a Garden Style Apartment?

 Naturally, the term garden apartment may indicate an apartment that has direct access to green space, but that’s not the true fact at all. A garden apartment refers to a residential unit that’s situated on the ground floor and surrounded by a considerable garden space, wooded areas, lawns, or shrubbery. 

There is no specific area for building a garden apartment, and these apartments can be situated in rural, suburban, and even urban settings. Generally, a garden-style apartment has one or two bedrooms, but the number of sleeping spaces can vary depending on the apartment’s location.

Rather than having direct access to the garden or lawn, life in a garden-style apartment is meant to get a closer connection to common amenities that an apartment complex usually has. 

Features of garden-style apartments

While most of the apartments of the urban or suburban areas have a parking lot or main road in front, instead of these, a garden apartment allows the refreshing vibe of green spaces and gives a tenants experience of living in a garden or nature. 

In many cities, garden apartments are known as brownstone buildings or townhouses. However, the size of the surrounding garden can often vary depending on the square footage as well as the amount of greenery your apartment has. 

Garden apartments usually have one or two bedrooms and bathrooms, though these units can be larger and can offer diversified layout options. Besides, this type of apartment offers only outdoor parking options. This is why residents of a garden apartment may have to face bad weather while walking from their cars to home. 

Types of Garden Style Apartments

To give you a more clear perspective, have a quick look at the four main types of garden apartment complexes. 

High-rise: This type of apartment complex refers to a building with a minimum of nine floors and should have elevators in the construction. 

Mid-rise: Generally, a mid-rise building has less than eight or eight floors along with an elevator.

Walk-up: Walk-up apartment is a building without an elevator and has four to six floors. Mostly these types of older buildings are situated in urban areas.

Standard Garden: Building with one to three stories and has no elevator, often known as a standard garden apartment. 

Advantages of Living in a garden-style apartment 

Living in a garden-style apartment has many advantages. Here are some of the key benefits of living in a garden-style apartment. 

Access to garden and many other amenities

While many people in urban areas feel suffocated, you can get direct access to surrounding greenery, beautiful flowers, and landscape and feel the refreshing vibe of nature in a garden-style apartment. One of the main attractions of a garden-style apartment is the outdoor aspect. 

A garden-style apartment will give you an unwinding experience or outstanding space to take a break after the monotonous workload of the week or just simply relax after working a day long. Many garden apartments have different types of amenities such as a barbecue area or a swimming pool to get the highest benefit of living there.

Free from worrying about stairs

As you’re living on the lower level of your apartment, you don’t need to be worried about endless stairs. You can easily carry your items from your car every time you’re going to your unit. This is much more peaceful than people who are living on a higher floor.

Lower cooling cost 

When hot air starts rising day by day, the lower units of an apartment will naturally experience much cool internal temperature. This becomes even more satisfying in warmer seasons when the temperature becomes somewhat uncomfortable. You don’t need to rely on air conditioners like people who are living on the higher floors. 

Comparatively Cheaper

When you have a limited budget and looking for the best place to live, a garden-style can be the perfect choice for you. While people living in the higher units need to pay more electric bills in the hot summer, you have to pay a bit lower electric bill. 

Faster exit

If you fall in an emergency situation such as an earthquake or fire, you can exit faster than people living on the top floor. You will be able to evacuate quickly and face reduced risks of danger. Same as, when you’re going for a morning walk, you can get out fast and save your valuable time. 

Perfect place for pet owners

Pet owners living in garden-style apartments can be privileged while living with access to the street. They can easily take their furry buddy for a walk or let them play in front of their eyes. Although it can be a transcendental benefit, just think about your furry baby playing nearby you with full convenience, and your pet doesn’t need to face the hassle of dealing with stairs.  

Great for late-night worker

If you’re a latecomer who works at night, then a garden-style apartment will be the best option for you. Guess why? After working at night, you might love to sleep in the daytime, and an apartment on the ground floor is quite darker than the higher apartment; this will allow you to have a more comfortable sleep. 

Alongside, if you come home late at night for your working purpose, you won’t need to be worried about disturbing your neighbors. 

Drawbacks of living in a garden-style apartment

Although living in a garden-style apartment has numerous benefits, it still has some drawbacks. Let’s have a look at them to clarify all the facts.

Lack of natural light

Generally, garden-style apartments don’t receive natural light at a satisfactory level. In the end, you’ll often find your room dull and gloomy. As well as, you may need to rely on light from artificial sources even in the daytime. Thus your electricity bill can be increased. 

Exposure to noise

While you have a street in front of your apartment, it is obvious that you have to tolerate noise from the street. Moreover, the noise from the upper floors can also be disturbing for you. 

You may have compromised security.

Your apartment is vulnerable to burglary incidences when you’re living in a garden-style apartment. Since your apartment is located on the bottom level, thieves will get easier access than any other apartments of high levels. However, you can take some security measures such as setting surveillance cameras to ensure more safety while living in a garden-style apartment. 

Irritation of pests

When you’re living on the bottom level, your apartment has more chances to be encountered by insects and many other pests. This may happen due to living close to a garden. 

Prone to dampness

Nobody likes a damped environment, but if you’re living in a garden-style apartment, you live in a humid area because garden apartments retain more moisture than higher units that result in a damped environment. 

The views are not great.

Since your apartment is in the basement level, your outside view may be limited in street activity. While seeing gardens and nature is your expectation, watching people who walk on the street daily can be very irritating to you. 

Garden-style apartment- is it right for you?

Obviously, there is nothing as peaceful as living in a perfect arrangement. If you love things spread out, parking your car close to your home, and want to enjoy the outdoors, then a garden apartment will be an excellent choice for you. 

On the other hand, if you want to live in the center of all major activities or in a high rise, you should skip the idea of living in a garden apartment because garden apartments are often located outside of busiest areas. 

Difference between garden apartments and basement apartments

Many people often mix up garden apartments and basement apartments, as both of these apartments are located at the street level. However, there are some considerable differences between these two apartments. 

While a standard basement apartment features a window in each room, ceilings with at least seven feet height, and walls that are protected from dampness and water, garden-style apartments have less specific criteria. Garden-style apartments are located on ground level, sometimes between basement level and parlor level.