What is a breve coffee

What is a breve coffee? How to make a perfect cup of Breve

Are you still not know what a breve coffee is? It is such a type of coffee you can order at a coffee shop when you do not know much about the listed beverages. Breve coffee is one type of espresso coffee that contains cream and steamed half-and-half. So, as a coffee lover, you must try this decadently rich coffee as a morning expresso. However, the other name of this drink is Latte. This low-calorie coffee is now a popular expresso drink.

What is a Breve coffee?

If you are new to the word Breve, let’s know the details of what is a breve coffee. The breve coffee is a mix of expresso coffee containing half-and-half foam and steamed. A simply breve drink is presented as a latte with half and half in most coffee shops. A cup of breve espresso looks very pretty with the creamy foam top layer poured onto it.

The Breve word comes from the Italian word “short.” It is a short cup of coffee with less milk. It is like adding richness to your espresso drink with half-and-half steamed instead of milk. If you are on a diet, you have to avoid higher fat. A drink with more fat seems sweeter than a low-fat one. To skip the sweetener from your drink, you can try Breve because it contains low milk seems low fat. You can also add a flavor to your coffee, such as vanilla.

What is the meaning of Breve at Starbucks?

Starbucks shops sometimes adopt unusual terminology for several items. For this reason, the new people at Starbuck get confused with the drinks that they order as Breve. The baristas of Starbucks mean half-and-half as Breve. But it is a coffee that is a combination of espresso and half-and-half. But when you order a breve, you will get steam half-and-half at Starbucks. It is one type of misunderstanding. To avoid it, you should order a breve latte instead of Breve. But the scene is not the same at all the Starbucks shops. Some baristas understand the customers. 

So, it is better to go to Starbucks after knowing their drink menu. 

Differences between Breve and Latte

Breve vs. Latte; of course, there are some differences. The main difference is hidden under the dairy type they use. A breve coffee is like a latte coffee with half steamed instead of milk. Besides, you can use the word Breve to an espresso drink when you use half milk with some foam on its top. Again, the texture and taste of these two are different.

When a cup of espresso contains some foamed milk and some steamed milk, it is called Latte. On the other hand, Breve is the combination of half espresso and half cream. So, you can call Latte a creamy cup of coffee. But breve is creamier.

So, we can say that these two coffees are almost similar.

The origins of breve coffee

After knowing what a breve coffee is, you may be curious to learn more about it. It is not easy to trace the origins of breve coffee. However, it is thought that this coffee is an American one that comes from classic Italian Latte. This type of coffee is mostly found in Italian cafes.

But you find the differences between Italian latte and breve coffee. We have discussed it before. If you like to avoid more milk, enjoy a cup of Breve and if you want more milk, take a latte. Though breve coffee contains less milk, it has more fat than lattes because of cream. It is a dessert-type beverage, but people like to take it as a morning coffee. If you want sweeteners, add some flavored syrup.

For whom breve coffee is good?

I think most of the people who love coffee enjoy breve coffee. If you are going through a planned diet and have a problem digesting milk-based food, you should talk to your doctor before having this coffee. Besides, you should note that this type of coffee can contain more fat and cholesterol because it contains cream. So, it is not suitable for all lifestyles. 

Besides, many breve coffee drinkers think that you can avoid sugar because the cream of this coffee makes it rich. So, if you are on a diet but cannot resist having an espresso-based coffee, you can enjoy Breve. It is my opinion that you should not choose Breve as your morning or daily coffee. Just enjoy it occasionally as a coffee lover. We do not like to taste the same thing every day. To change the taste, try Breve. 

How to make a cup of Breve?

It will be best if you enjoy breve coffee with some of your friends at a bar. But you can enjoy it at your home too. It will be easier for you to have a Nespresso machine or the best quality espresso at your home. Now let’s see how to make a delicious cup of coffee. 

Ingredients you need

  • An espresso or Nespresso coffee machine
  • Fine ground coffee
  • Half-and-half
  • Latte cup

The steps are the below:

Make steam and forth.

Fill your coffee jar with half-and-half. The mixing of milk and cream is the vital ingredient to make a successful cup of Breve. The half-and-half means the perfect blend of milk and cream. You can also use the steamed milk that you use for your oat. Besides, you can make it yourself with some milk and cream, taking equal part in a pot. After mixing milk and cream correctly, use a wand steamer and steam the milk to 140-150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Making the espresso

Now is the time to use your espresso or Nespresso machine. In this step, counts are the critical part of making sure the taste. The stronger and weaker coffee depends on your espresso. If you are going to use a Nespresso machine, you can use Nespresso capsules or other capsules or a flavored coffee. After preparing espresso, take it in a cup.

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Pure the milk and cream mixture

Now pure the milk-cream mixture into your espresso cup. In this step, use a spoon and hold the foam towards the jug. Add the half-and-half as much you want to make your coffee. You can also try latte art if there is less foam on the top.

Adding the foam

It is the next, and the last step to m make Breve. Now you have to add foam to the coffee cup. For an expert, it is easy to add foam. But for a beginner, it is better to use a spoon to add foam from the milk jar to the cup.

Can I use the microwave to make Breve?

Yes, you can use your microwave to make a cup of Breve coffee. For this, you have to take a bowl that is safe for the microwave. Then take some half-and-half in the bowl and microwave it on high heat until some bubbles come on the bowl edges. Now take it out of the oven and whisk it. Roll it back and forth. Now take out the foam to another cup. Again, whisk it until getting more foam. Now take 2 ounces espresso in a cup and pure some half-and-half into it. After that, pure foam on the top of the coffee. 

Thus, you can enjoy Breve at home with the help of your microwave. 

Final word

If you are a new coffee lover, you must try breve coffee. Now you know what a breve coffee is and how to make it. But at first, time, enjoy it at a coffee shop with your friends. Coffee has a lot of options. This one is Italian-based American coffee. I hope you like this beautiful coffee treat.

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