How to Make Iced Coffee With Keurig Machines

How to Make Iced Coffee With Keurig Machines

 Are you wondering about how to make iced coffee with Keurig machines? Looking for the best recipe to take a sip of fresh iced coffee? Well, you’re in the right place. Here you’ll discover the best way to make that refreshing iced coffee using Keurig. 

Iced coffee is a type of beverage that can hit the spot, whether it’s summer or winter. However, having an iced mocha or iced latte daily can be slightly pricey at the end of the month. If you have a Keurig machine, you can easily make this delicious drink at your home and save some extra dollars as well. 

So, why are you waiting? Start reading our article and make your iced coffee at home.

What is Iced Coffee?

There’s nothing as refreshing as pouring a mug of iced coffee, especially on a warm summer day. However, some hot coffee lovers still believe that there’s plenty of options available for iced coffee.

But this is the point where people get confused. What is iced coffee exactly? Some people think it is just a kind of hot coffee that’s poured over ice. Nevertheless, it’s not right at all. 

Generally, iced coffee consists of filtered coffee, espresso, or coffee syrup mixed with ice cubes and milk. Iced coffee generally features a stronger brew than traditional hot coffee. It helps to avoid a sleazy taste that seems not to be as tasty as it should be.

Is Keurig Good for Making Iced Coffee?

Keurig is a brand that is being so much respected these days. With the rising popularity of iced coffee, Keurig has become one of the most eminent coffee makers right now.

People enjoy the cool sensation of iced coffee, and they are always looking for the best way to get a cup. Although some cafes are selling iced coffee to people, making your cup of iced coffee right at home today is still possible. You don’t need any specialized Keurig machine that makes iced coffee. You can make iced coffee with any Keurig model.

Keurig coffee tastes great, and it has a broad appeal among iced coffee lovers. The drink is perfectly suited, especially for the people who want a better cup. Keurig brand sells K-cups that are inserted into a machine. First, make a hot cup of coffee, and then chill it for some time. The chilled coffee is mixed with ice blended before making smooth and addicting iced coffee. The process is quite simple. This is why Keurig is much popular. 

How to Make Iced Coffee With Keurig

If you live in a warm environment or it’s summertime, a cup of piping hot coffee is too much as a morning beverage, and you don’t have any shop nearby that serves a refreshing glass of iced coffee. So, why should you do that? 

Luckily, you can make your own healthy and fresh beverage at home, and obviously, this is iced coffee. If you’re still surprised about how to make it, bring a Keurig machine to your home. Here we’re going to inform you all the facts about how to make iced coffee using Keurig at your home, and you might be relaxed after knowing that making iced coffee is so easy! 

Ingredient to Make Iced Coffee:

Making iced coffee is very easy. One glass of refreshing creamy iced coffee drink will make you want more and more. This iced coffee recipe is delicious, perfectly sweet, and much addicting. 

To make iced coffee at home using Keurig, you don’t need too many ingredients. Besides, these ingredients are easily available and affordable. Let’s have a look at them. 

  • Keurig Machine and Tall Drinking Glass
  • Measuring Cup
  • Your Favorite K-Cup
  • Sugar:

There is no specific type of sugar you should use. You can use granulated sugar, coconut sugar, brown sugar, stevia, or any type of sweeter you want.

Chilled Water:

Place some water in the refrigerator for a few minutes. This water will be colder than the water you get from the tap.

Warm Water:

Don’t be surprised, yeah you need a little bit of warm water. This is much effective in making iced coffee smooth. However, you’ll need to use warm water to dissolve the coffee and sugar at first before making it diluted with more water and milk.


You can use any milk. Using full-fat dairy milk can be the best option. However, condensed milk works also. If you’re looking for a non-dairy option, you can choose almond milk or soy milk. 


You will need lots of it. However, it would be best if you were careful about how much ice you’re going to use. You shouldn’t use as much ice that can down your drink. 

Procedure to Make Iced Coffee With Keurig Machines

Our systematic guideline will make it easy to learn how to make iced coffee using Keurig machines. You can make your favorite beverage at home as well, as you can use it for professional or business purposes. So, let’s start.

Step-1: Prepare Your Machine

Turn your Keurig machine on and select the smallest cup size available to brew. Generally, 4 oz is ideal; you can use 6oz for the nice results as well. Instead of a large cup, brewing with smaller cups of coffee will give you a strong flavor that helps to eliminate dilution from the ice. 

STep-2: Prepare Your Glass

You should choose tall glass that will help you to fill it with more ice cubes. You have to pour your glass with ice cubes before serving. However, you can go for coffee ice cubes also. Using coffee ice cubes instead of water-iced cubes will take your beverage to a new level. 

Tep-3: Choose a K-Cup

We recommend using an extra bold dark roasted coffee that helps to ensure a rich flavor after adding the ice cubes. If you like the lighter taste, you can go for a milder roast. 

Step-4: Brew Your Coffee

Insert a K-Cup and place your measuring cup (ideal 8oz for easy pouring) onto the tray. Now press the “Brew’ button. Once brewing is complete, brew again with a new K-CupYour K-Cup should be 80z-120z of coffee. However, it may depend on the size of the cup you have brewed each time. 

Step-5: Flavor to Taste

Mix up all the add-ins into the hot brew, such as sugar, chocolate syrup, stevia, milk, half-and-half, caramel syrup, almond milk or soy milk, etc. Wait until all the sweet stuff dissolves nicely. Besides, the cold milk will help cool down the coffee before final pouring.

Step-6: Pour Your Coffee

Pour your coffee over ice cubes and give a quick stir to it. Now it’s ready to drink.

Tips for Making Iced Coffee

Do you want to take your homemade iced coffee to another level? Check out these tips to brew the best cup of cold coffee you have ever made. 

Prepare it Using Frozen Coffee- Most people use regular iced cubes while making iced coffee, but using ice cubes dilutes the coffee. This is why you can go for brewing a batch of black coffee, keep it until it cools down and then freeze in an ice tray. This way, you can enjoy a strong java taste longer while drinking your favorite iced coffee.

Use Stronger Coffee- Using ice can mellow the sharpness of the brew. If you want a strong kick, we suggest using a more intense dark roast. 

Use a Thermos- If you want your iced coffee will last longer, fill your thermos with ice, and brew it directly.

Use Cold Milk- While you are adding milk, remember you should take it directly from your fridge. It prevents the ice from diluting too quickly. 

How to Make Iced Coffee With Keurig without Ice Melting

If you dislike diluted iced coffee, you should follow this recipe. This method will ensure that your iced coffee will never be watery and diluted. Using too many ice cubes can have a watery coffee cup. 

The best thing about K-Cup iced coffee is, you don’t need to wait to cool down the coffee, or you don’t need to face the hassle of making ice cubes in advance. 

Pros and Cons of Making Iced Coffee with Keurig

Although Keurig is much convenient and gives a refreshing cup of iced coffee without much effort, it still has some drawbacks. Here we’ll discuss all the visible pros and cons of making iced coffee with Keurig. 


  • A tremendous variety of flavors available to choose from. 
  • You can choose your preferred coffee size from 4 oz to travel size.
  • Get your coffee within seconds that makes it easy to have iced coffee even when you’re on the go.
  • Pre-measure coffee ensures no mess or wastage of coffee.
  • Choose your preferred heat and strength
  • The water heats up itself, so no effort needed
  • Less expensive while giving an excellent taste
  • The updated VUE cups are recyclable
  • Convenient to make without any hesitation. 


  • The method is a bit pricey compared to at-home drip coffee
  • Keurig machine is pretty expensive itself
  • K-cups are not recyclable
  • As it is not a drip machine, you won’t get the thick and creamy flavor that some coffees offer. 

Selection of Beans 

While you’re thinking about the perfect beans for making your iced coffee, freshly ground coffee beans will be a better choice. Freshly ground coffee beans provide a pretty much better taste than pre-ground beans.

Although the main factor is taste, there are a few reasons to establish this claim too. However, if you’re still confusing why you should use freshly ground beans, let’s have a science-backed discussion. 


During the grinding process of coffee beans, you’re mainly starting the oxidation process, mixing air molecules and coffee compounds. When this process happens long before brewing it with coffee grounds, it means the aroma and flavor are released from beans too early before reaching the grounds to you. 


You might know that moisture is the culprit to degrade coffee grounds. Humidity is also an enemy for degrading coffee grounds. When you’re using freshly ground coffee beans, there is less chance of degrading their quality. 

Best K-Cups for Dark Roast Iced Coffee

  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Dark Magic
  • Eight O’Clock Dark Italian Roast Coffee
  • Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend Coffee
  • Starbucks Sumatra
  • Tully’s French Roast Extra Bold Coffee

Best K-Cups for Medium Roast Iced Coffee

  • McCafe Premium Roast
  • Dunkin Donuts Original Blend Coffee
  • Tim Hortons Original Blend Coffee
  • Krispy Kreme Classic Coffee
  • New England Coffee Breakfast Blend

Best K-Cups for Light Roast Iced Coffee

  • Starbucks Veranda Blend
  • Donut House Collection Donut House Coffee
  • caribou Coffee Daybreak Morning Blend
  • Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend
  • McCafe Breakfast Blend

Best K-Cups for Flavored Iced Coffee

  • Gloria Jean’s Butter Toffee
  • Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll
  • New England Coffee Blueberry Cobbler
  • Panera Bread Salted Caramel
  • Green Mountain Coffee French Vanilla

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Is Keurig coffee good?

If you’re looking for an affordable machine that helps you make instant coffee, Keurig will be a good option. This machine lasts for a long time, and the brew is quite strong. 

  • How to Turn on the Keurig Machine?

The power button icon is situated in the bottom right corner of the brewer screen. There you’ll see the brewer has been plugged in. 

Final Words

So, now you might have learned how to make iced coffee with Keurig machines. If you have your own Keurig machine at home, our provided recipe is a great way to get more than you deserve as a first learner.

However, this is not obvious to swap your daily brew for an iced mocha. Nevertheless, learning how to make iced coffee with Keurig will make you charmed with its addicting taste and make you want more. Whether you want iced coffee as an occasional sweet treat or your day starter depends on you. 

Try different kinds of milk or sweeteners, experiment whether you could find any difference in taste. 

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