How to make cold brew coffee french press

How to make cold brew coffee french press: An amazing beverage to try in 2021

Cold brew coffee is fantastic, It has all the stimulating and cooling properties of frozen Coffee, but it is made without warm water. Coffee beans absorb the cool water for several hours to improve the rich Coffee without harshness or acidity.

Cold-brew can be made from a variety of perspectives, and today we are taking a grand to make perhaps the most straightforward technique, the French press cold wine. Since the French press coffee brewing technique is an easy and common one, it is effectively applied to cold brewing from a hot brewer application.  

Nowadays, our discussion is How to make cold brew coffee French press. Let’s start to talk about it in detail.

What is cold brew coffee?

Cold-brew Coffee is made cold, never warm, and has a higher coffee to water volume than dribble coffee. It is made by making a concentration that is then an ideal opportunity to serve when mixed with fresh water. 

The primary difference between this brewing method is the temperature of the water where the Coffee is extracted. Regular coffee methods use the properties of Coffee close to the boiling temperature for rapid extraction, exchanging time for cold brewing temperature, taking 4 to 24 hours depending on the method of making a complete batch.

How to make cold brew coffee french press: 

You will enjoy this cold soothing caffeinated Coffee throughout the summer. It’s not tough to make cold brew coffee. It will only bring ten minutes to finalize. And a few tips for mastering it, too.

Cold-brew Coffee is seen in nearby coffee houses. Today, we’ll boost you on how to make cold brew coffee french press.

Ingredient to make cold brew coffee:

Cold brew coffee is precise to create. You don’t need to think over its components and making spaces. Surprisingly, there are only two ingredients to make cold brew coffee. These are:

❖   Coarse ground coffee:

2 tablespoon (11 grams) of ground coffee for making 1 cup (237 ml).

❖   Water to fill the press:

Use cold water to fill the press as per the concern.

Procedure to make cold brew coffee in a french press: 

These are some of the procedures involved in making cold brew coffee. The below is how it works:

● To begin, measure 1 cup of coffee grounds. You must ground the coffee beans with the help of the grinder. It ought to look like coarse caramel, not a fine powder.

● Next, enhance the coffee grounds to the french press. After that, pour the water on top. Using an iced tea spoon, stir the mixture. Ensure the grounds are saturated with water.

● Filter back into the French Press and press down to keep the jar dust-free. And also standing overnight for about 24 hours.

● Then, based on your choice, dilute the Coffee with water or milk. Finally, serve chilled or reheated in the microwave for another few mins.

This refreshing cold coffee brew is now simple to make. Try using these quick steps to create a refreshing beverage this summer.

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Some important tips to make cold brew coffee:

There are a few valuable tips for making iced Coffee to keep yourself fresh. Here are a few helpful hints:

Choosing the right quality coffee:

Cold brewing will help you get the most out of a good cup of Coffee you’ve bought. It does suggest buying the most expensive Coffee. Instead, experiment with various types of Coffee. You’ll find the one that better matches your preferences.

The ratio of water to Coffee (4:1) :

What it requires is one cup of coffee beans, add four cups of water. And if you want more cold brew twice the original method. You’ll need to use much less if you’re using a mason jar. Think three cups of water to three-four cups of coffee beans. And keep a good ratio.


Coffee can steep in almost any container. I recommend using a french press with a built-in cold brew maker. If you prefer to bring the most out of something, you can do the following. You can keep your cold brew in the refrigerator. It will wait for up to seven days.

Use filtered water:

It’s advisable to filter the water as 99% is Coffee. This process would produce the purest cup of cold brew possible. Ensure you’re using water that can bring the best of your Coffee. Or else, you are ruining your Coffee’s flavors.

Use french press to make a cold brew:

You can use the ratio to attempt the steeping method with the French Press. Fill the french press with coffee beans, after which pour the cold water and stir well. Then set it aside for at least 16 hours.

Even though the cold brew will steep on the counter at room temperature, the essential concentrate must keep in the refrigerator until strained. Remember to dilute the concentrate before having it. Finally, add ice, water, or milk, or creamer to serve.

Pros and Cons of Cold Brewing In A French Press:

Though the french press is the most simple and effective brewing method, it has some visual pros and cons. These are given below:


  • ● Save time for making delicious Coffee.
  • ● No filter exists.
  • ● Do not create waste.
  • ● Make clean, strong, and high-quality Coffee.
  • ● Having control over brewing time.
  • ● Make 8 cups of Coffee at a time.
  • ● It costs cheap and does a good job.
  • ● Easy way to have some cold brew during summer.
  • ● Need only a couple of minutes.


  • ● You have to be very careful about water temperature and grind size while brewing. 
  • ● Difficult cleanup procedure.

Selection of Beans and Grinds: 

When it is getting hot weather, cold brew coffee gives some ultimate tranquility among the beverages during summer. It is a popular and much-preferred beverage. Coffee lovers need not quit Coffee during summer. So, they can have cold brew coffee in a french press. 

It is easy to make Coffee in a french press. However, you need to be sure and be careful about the selection of coffee beans and grinds. These two are the most important things you need to make the best recipe for cold coffee brewing. 

Not all beans are suitable for coffee making, and they can change your Coffee’s taste and aroma. There are many finest cold brew coffee beans in the market. Organic beans, mycotoxin, and pesticide-free and roasted lightly are good for excellent cold Coffee. People who prefer light bitterness in Coffee can go with Coffee with chicory beans. Here also some bold supremo coffee beans for boldly flavored lovers.

To grind the coffee beans, you will need to choose well-service grinds. You can use a coarse grind for brewing cold Coffee. Here it would help if you use a grind that harsh to put down. It works like that, and it’s too fine to use for making better cold brew coffee.

How to make cold brew coffee french press at home?

Cold brew coffee has been launched at home for thick ars. Instead of hot water, cold brew coffee french made with cold or normal water from the fridge. Cold soaked in cold water does not break completely, so it does not taste bitter, and due to ice-cooling, the characteristics remain intact. Let’s see how to make cold brew coffee french press at home?

How to make cold brew coffee at home in a French press step by step:

● In the first step, you put the Coffee at the beginning of the French press. 

Take 4 cups of regular or room temperature water. You can make a French brew coffee making 1/2 cup ground coffee beans. In this case, use a thick coffee. Now take cold water. Soak the french press for 15-16 hours. 

You can also keep it in the fridge.

● In the 2nd step, you immerse the soaked Coffee. Now take it out of the fridge and pour some ice in it. You can mix milk as per your taste, or you can eat black Coffee. Now use sugar or any syrup. This Coffee keeps the stomach irritation-free. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1. Why is cold brew coffee better for you? 

Cold brew coffee is better usually compared to hot brew coffee. It is 67% less acidic that allows you to taste every flavor you need in your Coffee. Still, Cold brew coffee with caffeine, phenolic compounds, magnesium, trigonelline, quinines, and lignans can reduce your risk of coronary heart disease. 

These increase the effectiveness of insulin, balancing glucose and low Bp. So, cold brew coffee is better for you.

Q2. What is good to add to cold brew coffee?

You can add Homemade lavender syrup to your morning iced Coffee. And also, add DIY Cardamom Vanilla Syrup that will be waiting to wake you up too.

Add your vegan pumpkin spice latte into pumpkin coconut caramel sauce or some homemade pumpkin-spiced cashew cream. Or add homemade almond milk. 

Q3. Can you heat cold brew coffee?

Of course, You can heat the Coffee by mixing the cold. It comes in a centralized structure, as a rule, so adding high temp water makes it warmer and weakens the concentration frequently like the run of a regular cup of Coffee. You can manage the power of your hot Coffee by changing the measurements of the high temp water you add.

Final Word:

How to make cold brew coffee french press at home? Hopefully, by reading this article, you will be able to understand the whole process of this. Drinking this cold Coffee can help you to get rid of stomach problems and acid problems.

Nowadays, cold fresh brew coffee is becoming popular with everyone. You can drink it in all seasons. This Coffee is healthy and at home, so everyone is interested in it. Can make french brew coffee without any heat. This Coffee does not experience a bitter taste.

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